Blackberries macro
42.2 Mpx
85 mm

Blackberries macro

Raw photo is no longer available (this offer ended 22.09.2019)

The photo can be used for commercial purposes.

This is a high resolution 42 megapixels macro picture of blackberries (Rubus fruticosus) on the garden table.

Blackberry matures especially at the end of the summer. It includes a high vitamin C content and an antioxidant effect, it is used in medicine and food industry. Blackberries have a positive impact on emptying and they also modify the intestinal microflora.

In the picture, you can see thorns on the stem, so sometimes it is hard to collect them because they grow on dense bushes.

For the shot of this photo, we used Meike macro rings 10+16mm and Sony FE 85mm 1.8 objective. No flash was used at all, only natural light from the sun.

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