Halloween Pumpkin
42.2 Mpx
85 mm

Halloween Pumpkin

Raw photo is no longer available (this offer ended 10.11.2019)

The photo can be used for commercial purposes.

This is the 42MPx photo of Halloween pumpkin, or so-called Jack-o'-lantern.

Halloween is an annual holiday that is celebrated on October 31st, the evening before Christian All Hallows´Day. This evening was originally known as All Hallows Eve, later called as Halloween.

On this day, children of all ages walk through the city dressed up in costumes and go from house to house to get treats as the response to the famous phrase "trick or treat". It means that if the child gets a small present/candy, then he or she will not perform any trick.

The yearly tradition is also to carve the face into the pumpkin which is the symbol of Halloween, representing well-being and prosperity. The light inside helps good spirits find the way to the houses.

The pumpkin in the picture was created by ourserves at home. We used a pencil and knife to create this creepy face.

To take the shot of the finalized pumpkin, we used a tripod.

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