Waterfall in Desna
42.2 Mpx
12 mm

Waterfall in Desna

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This is a 42 Mpx photo of waterfall in Desna (Černá Desná) in the Jizera Mountains, the Czech Republic. The entire lower part of Černá Desná with a number of waterfalls and cascades was declared as a natural monument in 2013.

The river contains one of the largest waterfalls in the Jizera Mountains. The river has an extraordinary flow, which is around 500 liters / sec.

It was very rainy at the time of the photo shoot and there was no need to use an ND filter to capture the blurred movement of the water, we only used a tripod, a longer exposure time and a higher aperture number. The camera is water resistant, but to be sure not to destroy it, it was under the raincoat all the time.

The photo radiates a special atmosphere thanks to the soft light that penetrated through the fog in the treetops. Thanks to this, wet stones are interestingly lit in the photo and interesting shadows are created there.

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